Frequently Asked Questions |

Frequently Asked Questions |

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is

Dez Deals is a daily promotion website, which is run in tandem with We find quality goods from around the world, and offer promotions to our customers for a 24 hour period.  Dez Deals is a lifestyle e-commerce site, meaning we offer promotions from all categories including Fashion Accessories, Tech, and Home & Living, and Travel. While we cuarate our goods for men specifically, we do find that a large amount of our customers are in fact women.

How does the Calendar tracking work?

If a customer is logged into their account, and give us feedback on a product using the "Like it" or "Not My Style" buttons, the calendar will track your activity. For every day that you give us feedback, the icon on the calendar will move forward a date. You will see that when you come back consecutively and give us feedback, there is a steady line moving through your calendar. If you miss a day, he falls and has to start over.  We use the feedback from our customers to try to hone in on what items are working, and it helps us determine if the aesthetic is wrong, or the pricing is incorrect. Customers can receive credits and prizes for continuously engaging on the site and consecutively hitting the buttons. Hit 30 days in a row for your first prize! 

Why does shipping on average take about a week? Why not ship the items out immediately?

Shipping is something we have taken very seriously. Many deal websites require you to wait 6-8 weeks for your items to arrive, and we simply don't think that receiving a discount on an item should cause such a large sacrifice. We work with multiple logistics solutions to try and get the items to you as quickly as possible.  While we don't have any inventory in stock, we make sure that the brands either ship the goods direclty to you, or they ship them to us, and we immediatley repack and send to you. On many sales, this means that your goods are shipped out the following day, but this can not be guaranteed as each vendor has a unique agreement. In some instances we need to wait for payments to clear, or items to arrive in our warehouse, but we will always get you the goods as quickly as possible.

Why is there only one item per day?

For many promotional sites, as they grow their solution to making more revenue is to add more items. We don't think this is best for the customer, or the brand. When you have too many items on a site, it's more likely that a large percentage of the assortment will not appeal to any specific customer. Additionally, many amazing products get lost in a sea of subpar items. We've decided to make Dez Deals a hyperfocused website where we just feature one incredible product per day. There might be occasions where we feature multiple colors, or a vendor has asked us to feature different items, but on most occasions you will find one promotion per day. We will ensure that we use different categories regularly, so if you check back regularly you should find something that is a good fit for you. 

What if I want an item and miss the promotion?

Unfortunately with a 24 hour window, there will be times that you might miss out on something that you wanted. If you reach out to us we might be able to get your order in before shipment, and include you on the promotion. If not, most items will be featured at full price on our sister site

Why are the promotions only 24 hours?

There are two main reasons that we have looked at here. The first is that since we are hyperfocusing and only featuring one product per day, we simply want to give as we can for people to find a product that they like, so changing out the deals on a daily basis is the cleanest way to do that. The other reason is due to logistics. For partners that ship the goods to us to fulfill, they would need to wait for the promotion to be completed before sending us the goods. We want our customers to receive their packages as quickly as possible, so extending promotions means those that purchased items on day one would need to wait longer to receive their products. 

How do I return an item if I am unhappy with it?

Please contact us at for any returns. We offer returns for 14 days, as long as the item is unused, undamaged, and in it's original packaging. We will provide you with a return address, but the customer is responsible for return shipping charges.

I want to see a specific product on the website, how can I let you know?

At the bottom of the website under the survey questions, we have a comments box. Please leave us any feedback you might have and we will review it regularly. If there are specific categories, or products you would like featured, please let us know.

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