Hatton Novaerus kills 99.99% of airborne Coronavirus

We use electrified plasma to destroy viruses, bacteria, and mold at the DNA/RNA level.

  • Protect yourself
  • Protect your staff
  • Keep your business open

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Novaerus systems use electric plasma to kill every pathogen (virus, bacteria, pollen, mold) in the air.

It kills Coronavirus, flu, and virtually anything else using a "Nano-Strike" of electrical plasma in one billionth of a second.

Surgeons around the world rely on Novaerus to keep their operating rooms free of viruses, bacteria, and mold.

There is no better or safer way to keep Coronavirus out of your business.

How Plasma Kills Coronavius & Why Filters are Bad

http://norskerflyfishing.com/peters-blog/page/8?et_no_mobile=1 Electrical Plasma ("Nano Strike")
Plasma kills all pathogens in one billionth of a second (a nanosecond), period.


HEPA Filters
Filters trap bacteria, mold, and some viruses*. These pathogens can continue to grow and sometimes breach the filter material. If that happens, the device begins broadcasting the pathogens back into the room.

  • HEPA filters remove particles 300 nanometers and larger. The Coronavirus is 24-120 nanometers - smaller than HEPA can filter.

The New Seal of Approval to Bring Customers Back

Clean Air Inside Signage

Diamond operates a directory of clean air facilities where patrons can "fact check" your commitment to their safety.

    • Knowing that Novaerus protect your business assures your customers that it is safe to visit your business.

    • Your staff and potential staff will be reminded daily that their safety is your top priority.
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    Three Models of Air Protection

    We'll review your floorplan with you to determine which device(s) are best for your facility, and where to place them.


    Novaerus NV 200

    Designed for exam rooms, bedrooms, or any room up to 200 square feet. This model is also used in hospital rooms with COVID-19 positive patients to protect healthcare staff.

    • For rooms up to 200 square feet
    • Wall or stand mounted
    • 1-year warranty (extendable to 3 years)
    • No filters required

    Novaerus NV 900

    Used in common areas and larger rooms of up to 1,200 square feet. This model is often found in nursing stations, patient lobbies, and work areas.

    • For rooms up to 1,200 square feet
    • Wall or stand mounted
    • 2 Speed Fan
    • 1-year warranty (extendable to 3 years)
    • No filters required

    Novaerus NV 1050

    The NV1050 covers up to 4,000 square feet and is used for the immediate remediation of viruses, bacteria, and fungus in common areas. This device is typically used in larger areas (ex. emergency room lobby) or in COVID-19 wards.

    • For rooms up to 4,000 square feet
    • Multi-speef fan
    • Camfil HEPA
    • Easily wheeled where needed
    • 1-year warranty (extendable to 3 years)

    Let's Talk Particle Size

    Nanometer:  One billionth of a meter


    The Coronavirus is 60-140 nanometers


    HEPA filters remove particles that are 300 nanometers and larger

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