Prevent a COVID-19 Outbreak in your Business with Novaerus

From the break room to the board room, we kill 99.99% of all airborne viruses and bacteria.


Our air disinfection systems are used in operating rooms around the world.

31 Independent Lab Tests, 11 Clinical Trials, 28 Case Studies and used in over 500 hospitals

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Designed for exam rooms, bedrooms, or any room up to 200 square feet. This model is used in individual offices, or during close encounters with others (ex. dentists use these during procedures)


Used in common areas and larger rooms of up to 1,200 square feet. This model is often found in lobbies, group work areas (cubicles), and large hallways.


The NV1050 covers up to 4,000 square feet and is used for the immediate remediation of viruses, bacteria, and fungus in common areas. This device is typically used in larger areas 

"The Novaerus Plasma technology rapidly inactivates the DNA in pathogens."

Dr. Ram Prasad Gandhiraman
Research Scientist, NASA

"The bacteria underwent physical distortion of varying degrees, resulting in the deformation of the bacterial structure." 

Ames Research Center

Prevent an outbreak at your business with Novaerus 

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Step 1: Don't trap the virus, kill it

Novaerus uses electrified plasma coils to shock and destroy 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and mold. We destroy the pathogen at the DNA/RNA level, so there is nothing left to reproduce, mutate, or recover

We do not trap live bacteria or viruses in filters. That's bad. 
(See why below)
1. Filters trap living pathogens (viruses, bacteria, mold)

2. Most viruses are smaller than can be caught by the filter.

Filters work by catching particles in a fabric. Some pathogens, like bacteria, will thrive on the filter material and grow. Filters are prone to perforation. Once a hole is formed, no matter how small, the bacteria can be blown back out into the room it is intended to protect.

Viruses are a problem for filters. Most viruses are much smaller than the filter is rated to capture. Even the best HEPA filters can only remove particles sized 300nm and larger. The COVID-19 virus is believed to be 120nm. 

Also, consider that the Novaerus systems have been tested with viruses as small as 24nm. So, a virus could fly through a filter as easily as sand through a chain-link fence.

Step 2: Don't rely on filters to protect you from COVID-19

What's an nm? 

 "nm", or "nanometer", or one-billionth of an inch. 

You need to have air disinfection wherever people congregate. Your lobby, break room, conference rooms, etc. 

Outbreaks from the Break Room



Step 4: Get a Novaerus system for your business

Put the same technology used in hospital operating rooms in your business