10 Second Patient Transfer

Insurance approved for HOME use!

Avoid the nursing home

We know you want your loved one to stay at home. All too often what forces a person into a nursing home is their caretaker’s inability to get them out of bed. It can be a back breaking chore to get an average sized person out of bed – we know. The Convertible Chair, known as a Barton Chair, makes quick work of moving a patient from the bed to the chair. It all happens quickly, and with little effort.

Prevent Pressure Wounds

 The Convertable Chair tilts and reclines to reduce pressure from the trunk, seat, and back.  Unlike sitting in a wheelchair you’re able to adjust the patient for maximum comfort, safety, and wound prevention.

Insurance Coverage

The Convertable Chair (or Barton Chair) is covered by most insurance carriers and Medicare. Generally, if the patient is confined to a bed and needs to be transferred to a chair or commode they may be a candidate.

Insurance rules vary among policies. Our insurance team will review your coverage and let you know what can be done to obtain a Convertable Chair for your loved one.

Simply click the link above to begin the free, no obligation review of your coverage.

Paitent Lifts Are Dangerous

The most common way of moving a person at home is a patient lift (sometimes called a Hoyer lift).  It can take upwards of 15 minutes to set-up the lift and move the person.
It can be very hard for the caretaker to roll the patient, position the sling, and pump the lift. This often leads to back problems for the caretaker. 
For the patient, it’s worse. Hanging from a sling can cause pressure, interfere with wound care, and be pretty uncomfortable. If the patient suffers from anxiety or dementia issues the situation can become much worse. 

Find out of if you qualify:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can I use it outside?

 A Of course! The Convertible Chair is designed to be used pretty much anywhere. It can also be used in most non-emergency transport vans.


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