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Common Questions

Order Status Explanations

We deliver most items by the next business day. However, the order must contain all of the items required by your insurance carrier, or Medicare, for coverage.

Each prescription medical device has specific rules that determine whether your insurance company or Medicare, will pay for it.  When your physician provides us with all of the required documentation we’re able to deliver your item. If any of the documentation that is required for coverage is missing your order will be delayed.

If you would like to get the current status of your order, please contact us at (800) 977-3002. We’re available to answer status questions during regular business hours.

New Order

Your order has been received and is awaiting processing. During normal business hours, it usually takes 1-2 hours for processing.

During this time we will review the order to verify it meets your insurance company’s, (or Medicare’s) guidelines for coverage.

On Hold
Ready for Delivery
Delivery Complete
Order Cancelled

Same or Similar Product Denial from Medicare

Medicare Same or Similar

When an item is medically necessary, Medicare will pay for an item once every five years. So, if you have received the same, or similar item at any time within the past sixty (60) months payment will be denied.

This rule applies whether the item is the same as what you previously had, or similar to it.

However, if your medical condition has changed (and is documented by your physician) a new item may be covered.

If your order has been denied due to this issue, we encourage you to speak with our staff to explore whether one of the exceptions to this rule may apply.

Understanding Rental Items

Your insurance, and Medicare, rent many common medical devices for your use. There are two types of rental agreements that are common between our company and your insurance carrier (or Medicare):


Traditional Rental

In a traditional rental arrangement, we will provide equipment to you for as long as it is medically necessary. Each month your insurance plan (or Medicare) will pay their portion of the rental for that item. You, or your secondary insurance, will pay any remaining balance.


Capped Rental Items

Some items fall into a "capped rental" category. You can think of these items as a "rent-to-own" arrangement.

For Medicare capped rental items, they will pay for the item over a thirteen (13) month period. Up until month thirteen, the items are considered to be rented. Once the thirteenth month has been paid you become the owner of the device.

However, ownership of the item only occurs if all of the thirteen months payments have been made in full (including co-payments), and no recoupments have occurred.  If you have questions about an item being rented on your behalf, please contact us.


What items are rented vs. purchased?

Purchased Items

These items are purchased. Once your insurance and co-insurance pays the submitted claims you will own the product.

  • Walkers
  • Commodes
  • Seat & back cushions
  • Masks and supplies for CPAP therapy (the machine is a capped rental)
  • Canes
  • Enteral formula and supplies (the pump is a capped rental)
Capped Rentals
Rental Only