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  • Expert maintenance

Considering that the insurance company will only purchase a chair once in a five year period, it has to last! With regular use it will also need maintenance: tires, batteries, etc. It may also need repairs. The patient must be able to get parts for it and have access to technicians who can repair it. Again, the patients insurance will only purchase a chair once every five years.

Because of insurance cutbacks many companies have switched to chairs that are imported from China and have little or no U.S. support. Many of them look great at first glance, however when compared to a quality chair they fail miserably.

Medicare pays the same amount of money regardless of what is delivered to your patient. In an effort to increase profits many companies resort to substandard chairs. Once problems surface parts and repairs are difficult to find. Don’t let that happen to your patients!
Diamond maintains an onsite repair facility with factory trained technicians. We carry the industries best power chair brands and provide loaner chairs while repairs are completed.