What you need to know:
10 things you need to know before getting a scooter!


Enjoy life again, now!
A Power Chair or Scooter puts you where you want to be. You’ll immediately be able to see your family, your friends, and your neighbors! Going to lunch and dinner has never been easier!

Power Chair or Scooter?
If you want to reclaim your freedom, or you're helping your loved one do just that, a Power Chair or Scooter can help!

A Power Chair is ideal if you primarily need help getting around indoors. It's adjustable and easily steered using a joystick, providing superior in-home maneuverability for doorways and hallways

A Scooter is great if you frequently have out-of-home activities you attend. They're larger than Power Chairs, with bicycle-type handle bars and three or four wheels that glide smoothly on most paved streets.

We’ll Get You Through The Process.
 Call us today at 1-800-977-3002. Our expert staff will make it their job to understand your personal situation and everyday challenges, gather the necessary insurance information, and address any questions or concerns.
If you qualify, Medicare will pay 80% of the cost of your new Power Chair or Scooter; plus, your supplemental insurance may pay the remaining 20%. The mobility you need could cost you little to nothing!